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As specialist in delivering high yield products to our clients worldwide wtih the aid of years of experience; Our primary activities include production, sales and distribution of a wide variety of fishes, cage & farm construction, feed production, hatchery of fingerlings and deliver same within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Production and Sales

Our business development staff advises on market strategies, specializing in high value niche markets. We are best known for our diversity and creativity which is the key to successful sales. Whether you are a consumer that enjoys and supports the aquaculture industry by purchasing product for your own enjoyment or you are a fish or shellfish producer that wants a one stop shop to move your crop, buy and sell new and used equipment, this is the place.

Amolese Aquaculture offers full brokerage services for the aquaculture industry. We give fish farmers a place to sell fish and equipment. Visit our office and we can help your aquaculture grow by providing a market for a variety of products for both private pond owner and the professional fish culturist. Send us an email today.

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Our experience in hatchery of fingerlings and feed production has continued to create a space for us in the premises of our clients, delivering the highest world class standards inside out. Click here or contact us and get a quick response from our help desk within 24 hours.

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